The Philicon company has existed under this name for over 70 years.

Our products are known in over 40 countries around the globe and are local market leaders.

We specialize in the production of fruit and vegetable canned products, juices, nectars and drinks.

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Juices, nectars,

Philicon is a proud producer of various brands and categories of fruit juices, nectars and drinks.

Our brands are local market leaders, and are known in more than 40 countries around the globe, thanks to their refreshing taste and natural ingredients.

In other words, that’s the fruit of our labour.

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ice tea ice tea green tea ice tea berries ice tea lime ice tea peach

Ice tea

With green and black tea extract combined with four unusual tastes, Ice Tea is our newest summer addition. A refreshing drink on the go, or an unexpected twist to familiar cocktails, Ice Tea is just what summer needs.

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Canned products

We preserve what’s most important – taste and quality. Only the freshest vegetables make it to the can, picked for you by Philicon.

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tomato products tomatoBBK ketchupK ketchupP tomatoDBK tomato products tomato products tomato products souce

Тomato products

The multi-talented Solanym Lycopersicum. Or everything a tomato can be.

Our wide variety of tomato products includes cans, sauces, ketchup, purees and juices, as well as the traditional Bulgarian delicacy – lyutenitsa.

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As experts in the canned goods & foods production, we believe that the truly delicious lutenitsa must be made with good vegetables and by experienced hands.

This is why in 2017 we stared a recruiting campaign for elderly people in retirement age – the real home-made taste experts.

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Rose elixir

The delicate taste of the noble Rosa Damascena, for the first time transformed into a light non-alcoholic drink.

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